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Is Your Electronic Security Business Ready for the Cloud?

Glenn Nott   July 1, 2019

While security integrators have become accustomed to offering cloud-based services to their customers, the same technology can be a major benefit to their own company.

For security integrators, there is no doubt that Software as a Service is changing business; in fact, using the cloud to enable access to data and to operate software applications from multiple devices over a shared network is becoming a pillar of successful integration businesses.

Keeping up with growth in the electronic security industry

Glenn Nott   April 30, 2018

As technology in the 21st century continues to advance, so too does the industry for electronic security. Now it seems that every year there is a variety of new programs and systems released, all aimed at improving security in any and every aspect of a consumer’s life.

How Planning & Streamlining Alleviates North America’s Labor Shortage

Glenn Nott   March 2, 2018

As a business all about streamlining business management, there’s a startling trend that has swept across North America, which becomes more visible as each new generation prepares to join the labor workforce.