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simPRO and Square: faster, cheaper field service payments

November 11, 2019

How long does it take for your field service business to get paid for the work you do?

According to Sage, over 30% of SMBs currently experience the negative impacts of late payments on company investments, supplier and staff pay. With expenses to be paid in the interim, that can be a cash flow headache.

But, the payment process is about to change for the simPRO community!

simPRO Update: More inventory management improvements

November 1, 2019

Complete inventory counts faster and manage inventory with greater accuracy with simPRO’s latest update. Plus, the Labor Productivity Report has been improved to avoid confusion on the totals shown.

Find out more about the new features which start rolling out on November 3rd.

simPRO Mobile Invoicing & Payments helps field service cash flow

October 29, 2019

Accelerate your business’ cash flow with simPRO. The simPRO Mobile app now enables field service technicians to invoice and offer a wide variety of payment methods onsite, including Square. The highly anticipated functionality has been added to the Service module in the next-gen field service app, with the update now available through the Google Play and the App stores.

simPRO Update: Ordering from the Unassigned Inventory Report

October 18, 2019

We’ve listened to your feedback in the Customer Ideas Portal about improving the Unassigned Stock Report. The latest update will reduce your manual inventory management processes.

simPRO Gantt Charts keep field service projects on track

October 16, 2019

simPRO’s Project Management tools have taken a leap forward with the introduction of Gantt Charts. The new feature is part of a series of enhancements to strengthen simPRO’s field service project updates, including the recent changes to tasks. It has been developed based on user feedback in the simPRO Customer Ideas Portal, in conjunction with customer interviews.

simPRO Update: Vendor quote imports and Middy’s automation

October 4, 2019

The first simPRO update for Q4 2019 will roll out from October 6. The update reduces the time you spend adding vendor quote pricing, catalogs and invoices into simPRO.

simPRO Mobile Update: automatic scheduling updates, support for scripts and date to open

September 26, 2019

The latest simPRO Mobile app update will start rolling out through Google Play and the App Store from September 26. The update includes automatic updates for Service every time you return to the schedule from any other part of the module. Support for work completed scripts, date to open functionality and other improvements have also been introduced.

simPRO Update: Contractor Invoicing and Work Order Attachments

September 20, 2019

Contractor management takes center stage in the next release. Rolling out from September 22, the update introduces attachments for Contractor Invoices and Contractor Work Orders while also enhancing Contractor Invoicing workflows. In addition, the update will prevent incorrect CIS tax rates being applied during bulk invoicing for UK customers.

5 field service automation ideas for Zapier and simPRO

September 16, 2019

If you’ve been wondering how your business could use the latest simPRO integration to Zapier, we’ve put together some suggestions to get you started! As the features of the integration expand, we will keep you updated with extra suggestions on how to automate even more of your business by connecting simPRO to your Zapier account.

Advanced business intelligence for field service

September 10, 2019

Field service businesses can develop deeper insights into their data with simPRO’s business intelligence tool, BI Reporting. Originally called Report Builder, BI Reporting complements simPRO’s real-time reporting to provide a comprehensive suite of field service analytics, reporting and dashboard tools for advanced business users. Now, simPRO customers can incorporate SQL queries into their data analytics with BI Reporting Premium.